Help Prevent Garden Crime This Spring In East Yorkshire

Help Prevent Garden Crime This Spring In East Yorkshire

Local Police are urging people to consider the security of their sheds, garages and gardens with the arrival of Spring and avoid becoming a victim of crime.

The change of season often results in people investing in new tools to tend to the garden, golf, fishing and other leisure equipment becoming more accessible or cyclist making more use of their cycles.

This however presents the opportunity to thieves, who can steal and potentially sell on these items.

PC Andy Allen, Crime Reduction Officer said: “Often the security of gardens and the buildings in them are forgotten about, while people focus on ensuing homes are safe which is understandable. However by making a few modifications sheds and garages, along with the equipment stored in them can be made more secure.”

In the last few years there have been increases non-dwelling burglaries in March. There were 516 incident is March in 2015 and 709 incidents in March 2014.

To prevent similar numbers this year officers are asking home owners to take a few simple steps to keep their gardens and outbuildings safer.

PC Allen added: “Effective crime prevention is all about being aware what can deter thieves from targeting your property. This can be achieved by decreasing the levels of cover by installing lights, increasing the time taken to gain entry through more secure locks or by increasing the chance of detection through registration of property on immobilise, property marking or alarms.”

“I would also urge the public to support us in tackling burglary be reporting any information about those committing offence or handling stolen good on 101 and call 999 if there is a burglary in progress. Together with your help we can stop crimes happening by simply reducing the opportunities available to thieves and telling us about offenders so we can bring them to justice.”

See the police top tips to prevent crimes in gardens below:

1. Homeowners should make sure that sheds and garages have good quality lock and hinges.
2. They should consider fitting deterrents in the garden like movement sensitive floodlights as these will leave thieves feeling exposed. Likewise alarms on sheds and garages will deter thieves as they would not want to be spotted in out buildings taking property.
3. Garden tools, DIY equipment and leisure items such as fishing and golf equipment should be locked away in storage cupboards within outbuildings to form a second line of defence to thieves.
4. Motorbike and pedal cycles should also be locked even when they are in a shed or garage.
5. To assist the police in recovering and returning stolen property, people should register valuables onto Cycles, golf and fishing equipment and tools can be easily added onto the property register and then this assists the force in identifying property as stolen/lost, bring offenders to justice and stop the items being sold via second hand stores. The system can also allow owners to upload pictures of unique items.
6. As well as protecting property in sheds and garages people can also stop thieves stealing plants by using heavy plant pots which will be less desirable to walk off with and ensure that unused garden furniture and tools are stored securely out of sight.

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