Beverley Home Values Show Slight Increase Over Past Twelve Months

Beverley Home Values Show Slight Increase Over Past Twelve Months

Compared to December 2014 the average Beverley Home Values have gone up by 1.83pc according to property portal Zoopla.

Terraced houses have seen the biggest increase on 9.94pc selling in Beverley for an average price of £167,307 with flats at 1.64pc showing the lowest growth.

Detached houses in Beverley currently have an average value of £295,570 an increase of 4.58pc when compared the same period last year.

It is not an increase across the board though. Semi detached houses in Beverley according to the figures have fallen in price.

Since December 2014 to December 2015, Beverley home values for a detached house have gone down by 1.18pc with £177,029 being the average sale price.

Overall, the picture looks good, with the new developments in the town and more in the pipeline the housing stock locally is set to get a boost, something local estate agents have said is needed to meet demand.

Beverley Home Value : Prices will continue to rise in 2016

Mr. Ryan from Northwood Property said;

“Beverley is a very popular location to live and was recently placed in second position on the Hot Housing Index for 2015.”

“There just is not enough houses to match Beverley’s growing popularity and first-time buyers are the ones paying the price as they are being frozen out of the market due to growing prices.”

“Looking forward to 2016, house prices are expected to further increase with many industry experts forecasting a 4.1pc house price inflation.”

Incentives put in place to help stimulate and get first-time buyers into the market are reported to be having an effect both locally and nationally.

House builder Barratt Homes have said that Help to Buy has provided a boost for people looking to buy a home in the area, with them saying its been a huge success.

The launch of the Help to Buy ISA, which gives anyone who has not owned a property the chance to access £3,000 from the government have been praised by those in the industry.

With East Yorkshire highlighted as a strong area of growth for housing prices in the coming year, Beverley home values are only set to rise.

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