Molescroft Residents Have Been Taken For A Ride – Cllr Healy

Molescroft Residents Have Been Taken For A Ride – Cllr Healy

Molescroft residents are disappointed that Santa has been unable to give them their new by pass in time for as they had hoped for.

has no influence over the completion of the works as a result of their decision to allow the housebuilder, , to manage the building of the road.

Speaking at the Molescroft end of the road today, Councillor met with disappointed residents, who were trying to make the most of festive cheer, and commented:

“The year is going to end with the ongoing farce of this road construction continuing into 2017. The residents have been taken for a ride because the Council handed control over the highway construction to the housebuilder without stipulating a contract period or any penalty clauses for late delivery. For 6 weeks during the autumn, motorists endured unacceptable daily misery and delays with contractors working at their own pace, and moving back promised completion dates as they saw fit.

“Once the lights were eventually removed, Council officers told me that the bypass would be open by the end of November, as that’s what the housebuilder told them. However, the Council are today saying that the contractor is now completing “defect checks” and won’t be ready to hand the new road over to the Council until that has happened, and that will be after after the holidays.

“I am dismayed at the way residents have been taken for granted over this. At the last Full Council meeting I raised this subject with the leader of the Council and urged him to ensure that the Council learned lessons for the future from this fiasco, and I have received an acknowledgement from senior officers that in future, the Council needs to work much more closely with developers at the outset to ensure that time periods are adhered to and over runs are communicated effectively to the local community.

“I don’t think it’s acceptable that the Council is conceding control over the construction of a highway to a property developer, and the fact that this whole farce is now set to continue into the new year simply adds insult to injury.”

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