Property Transactions - Improving Clients’ Perception

Property Transactions – Improving Clients’ Perception  || Kelly Bannister, property lawyer at James Legal

Property transactions when moving home can be one of the  most frustrating thing for buyers and sellers as is the pace of communication. A local firm of solicitors has been very aware of this and earlier this year ran a networking seminar in a bid to improve the home moving experience. James Legal Solicitors invited estate agents, bankers, building societies, mortgage and property advisors to discuss the many elements involved to help improve the experience for clients overall.

Kelly Bannister, property lawyer at James Legal says:

“All too often we see a ‘blame game’ culture between some lawyers and other property professionals, but we feel it is important to maintain good relationships and work together.”

“For anyone involved in property the client’s best interests should be at the heart of everything we do, as it is at James Legal. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.”

“A heavy work load can cause inaction and along with poor communication and poor customer service – this can all result in client dissatisfaction and added stress during the time of buying and selling a home.”

Property transactions confusing?

A recent study showed that some 42pc of the people who were involved with a property transaction found the experience to fast while 23pc called for more to be done to bring it up to date.

Of the people who took part in the study 22pc said that the property transaction process was confusing, something James Legal acknowledged can at times be the case, Ms. Bannister said;

“During our event we aired grievances and discussed various issues and ideas with our guests, the most common problem being the way information is presented and lack of information. Overall, the outcome was very positive and since the event we have found an improvement in general communication.”

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